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Office space 250 sqm, Block 9 – FOR RENT

  • €2,255

Office space 250 sqm, Block 9 – FOR RENT

  • €2,255

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ID nekretnine: PP123
  • Bussines space
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Office space 250 sqm is for rent in the gray phase, in the Blok 9 neighborhood.

Structure: Ground floor 160sqm – Large open room, separate staircase. Basement 90sqm – Large open room.

The office space is oriented East-South-West. Most of the space is glazed, so there is a lot of natural light throughout the day. In front of the office there is a very large courtyard of the building, and behind in the courtyard of the building there is a new children’s playground. There is a possibility of renting the garden along the length of the entire space.

There are several entrances/exits to the street and to the yard-parking lot. The office space can be divided into three identical rooms and it is possible to rent 1/3 of the space. If it were to be divided, all three parts would have a separate staircase to the basement. The building next to the office has its own closed garage. With the consent of the tenant and the owner, it would be possible to open the entrance through the garage. for example, if the tenant needs space to unload goods, which makes it good for a market or a drug store. Around the building and across from it, there is a large public parking lot with always a free space.

The office space is located in a newly built building, in a very attractive and busy location. The place is known for several cafes, restaurants and bakeries. The sheer width and location make it ideal for various purposes. In the vicinity of the premises there are: pastry shops, cafes, bakeries, restaurants, various offices, public institutions, pharmacies, markets, non-governmental organizations, IT companies, bars and numerous other branches.

It is issued for a longer period with a mandatory deposit.

Property ID PP123

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